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Agora Movie Trailer (2010)

Film Review for Agora I went to see “Agora” expecting an epic with swords, sandals and

Alice in Wonderland 3D Movie Trailer (2010)

Who’s Who in “Alice in Wonderland” ALICE (Mia Wasikowska) is a 19-year-old woman contemplating her future.

All Good Things Movie Trailer (2010)

All About All Good Things “If anything happens to me, don’t let him get away with

The American Movie Trailer (2010)

All About The American Wingate recalls, “I had started working on getting the book made into

Bitch Slap Movie Trailer (2010)

Bitch Slap Cast Interview Hi, how are you? So you’re going to Comic-Con tomorrow? Erin: Yes,

Black Swan Movie Trailer (2010)

Film Review for Black Swan A witchy brew of madness and cunning, “Black Swan” tells the

Blue Valentine Movie Trailer (2010)

Interview with Derek Cianfrance What was your inspiration for the film? When I was a child

The Book of Eli Movie Trailer (2010)

All About The Book of Eli Washington and the Hughes brothers agreed that the actor portraying

The Bounty Hunter Movie Trailer (2010)

Shooting Locations From New York City… “New York City really is one of the stars of

Chloe Movie Trailer (2010)

All About Chloe France’s StudioCanal fully financed the picture developed by Montecito Picture Company, co-founded by

Date Night Movie Trailer (2010)

While Levy usually takes a break between completing one feature and beginning the next, he found

Dear John Movie Trailer (2010)

With the Crowleys on board, a collaborative effort to bring the story to the screen was