Approaching the Unknown

Approaching the Unknown Movie

Captain William Stanaforth (Strong) is on a one-way solo mission to Mars, taking humanity’s first steps towards colonizing it. Although the entire world is watching him, he is completely alone in a dark and distant sea of stars. Stanaforth rockets bravely through space facing insurmountable odds, but as the journey takes a toll on his life-sustaining systems, he is forced to make impossible choices that threaten his sanity, mission and very existence.

Approaching the Unknown is a science fiction drama film written and directed by Mark Elijah Rosenberg, making his directorial debut. It stars Mark Strong in the lead role of Captain William Stanaforth, the first person on a lone mission to Mars. Luke Wilson and Sanaa Lathan also feature in supporting roles. It’s scheduled for release June 3, 2016.

Approaching the Unknown Movie Poster

Approaching the Unknown

Directed by: Mark Elijah Rosenberg
Starring: Mark Strong, Luke Wilson, Sanaa Lathan, Charles Baker, Anders Danielsen Lie, Bettina Skye, Harry L. Seddon, Lora Lee Ecobelli
Screenplay by: Mark Elijah Rosenberg
Production Design by: Steven Brower
Cinematography by: Adam Newport-Berra
Film Editing by: David Barker, Darrin Navarro, Marc Vives
Costume Design by: Anney Perrine
Set Decoration by: Tara Pavoni
Art Direction by: Paul Rice, Danielle Webb
Music by: Paul Damian Hogan
MPAA Rating: R for language.
Studio: TideRock Media, 3311 Productions
Release Date: June 3, 2016