2018 Movies Archive

Summer of ’93 – Estiu 1993 (2018)

In the Summer of 1993, Frida, a six-year-old little girl, leaves Barcelona and her grandparents for

How to Talk to Girls at Parties (2018)

Tagline: Talk to the Girl. Save the World. John Cameron Mitchell, director of the acclaimed films

Backstabbing for Beginners (2018)

Tagline: If you dig too deep, you may not like what comes up. Based on a

Kings (2018)

Tagline: Don’t let your family get caught in the crossfire. Kings stars Oscar winner Halle Berry

Traffik (2018)

Tagline: Refuse to be a victim. Journalist Brea (Paula Patton), and her boyfriend John (Omar Epps,

Ghost Stories (2018)

Tagline: The brain sees what it wants to see. In 1979, Phillip Goodman’s strict Jewish father

Outside In (2018)

A stupid escapade in which he wound up taking the fall for two pals — one

The Seagull (2018)

The story takes place at a small chicken farm in İzmir, Torbalı, Turkey. The boring lives

Revenge (2018)

Jen (Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz) is an American socialite, who travels with her married French millionaire

Adrift (2018)

Starring Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin, Adrift is based on the inspiring true story of two

Hereditary (2018)

Taglines: Every family tree hides a secret. When Ellen, the matriarch of the Graham family, passes

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

Taglines: Life finds a way. After the demise of the Jurassic World theme park on Isla

On Chesil Beach (2018)

Taglines: This is how the entire course of a life can be changed: by doing nothing.

Beast (2018)

Moll is 27 and still living at home, stifled by the small island community around her

20 Weeks (2018)

20 Weeks is a romantic drama about love, science and how prenatal and genetic testing impacts

Let the Sunshine In – Un Beau Soleil Intérieur (2018)

In Bright Sunshine In, the girl in love is played by Juliette Binoche, who is outstanding