Cowgirl’s Story (American Cowgirl)

Cowgirl's Story Movie

Seventeen-year-old Dusty Rhodes (Bailee Madison) goes to live with her grandfather (Pat Boone) because both of her Army parents are fighting in the Afghanistan war. Dusty attends a new high school where she makes friends with a group that includes Savanah (Chloe Lukasiak), a girl whose father also served in the Army. Dusty convinces her new friends into forming an equestrian drill team that allows them to perform at rodeos and parades.

Dusty’s world is turned upside down by the war when her mother’s helicopter is shot down in action and she goes missing. To cope with her fear and helplessness, Dusty enlists the help of her grandfather and friends to put on a special riding performance for her parents and all of the soldiers fighting overseas. The entire town turns out in support of the event, and it becomes an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Cowgirl’s Story is an upcoming military drama, written and directed by Timothy Armstrong. The story is about Dusty Rhodes, a young cowgirl from Texas whose mother is off fighting in Afghanistan. She befriends a group of kids which includes a goth girl named Savanah Stocker whose father was killed in action in Iraq three years earlier. Dusty gets the school to agree to an equestrian drill team and she enlists her new friends to join the team. But as Dusty and the team practice, Dusty deals with the fears of her mother fighting in Afghanistan and the possibility that her mother might not come home alive.

The film stars former Bridge to Terabithia star Bailee Madison[2] as Dusty Rhodes, Dance Moms and Center Stage: On Pointe’s Chloe Lukasiak as Savannah Stocker, popular 50’s and early 60’s pop singer Pat Boone as Grandpa, Aidan Alexander as Trevor, and Froy Gutierrez as Jason.

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Cowgirl’s Story

Directed by: Timothy Armstrong
Starring: Bailee Madison, Chloe Lukasiak, Pat Boone, Aidan Alexander, Froy Gutierrez, Jordi Vilasuso, Elise Robertson, Carly Peeters, Monica Lawson
Screenplay by: Timothy Armstrong
Production Design by: Lawrence Kim
Cinematography by: Matthias Saunders
Film Editing by: Tyler Purcell
Costume Design by: Edith Raya
Art Direction by: Marinna Martens
MPAA Rating: None.
Studio: Rodeo Films
Release Date: April 18. 2017