Daddy’s Hame 2 (2017)

Daddy's Hame 2 (2017)

Taglines: More Daddies. More Problems.

After finally becoming friends at the end of the first ‘Daddy’s Home’ film, Brad Whittaker (Will Ferrell) and Dusty Mayron (Mark Wahlberg) have a co-dad system where their two children, Megan and Dylan, take turns at each father’s house. Dusty has also remarried, this time to Karen (Alexandra Ambrosio), a writer, and is stepdad to Adrianna, Karen’s daughter.

Brad and his wife, Sara (Linda Cardellini), along with Dusty and Karen, attend a school play for Megan, where she announces to the whole audience that she doesn’t like the fact that she has to go back and forth to different houses all the time. Back at the house, after the play, Brad and Dusty decide to do away with having two separate Christmases and instead do one “together Christmas”. As soon as Dusty announces the news to the kids, the phone rings. Dylan picks it up and announces it’s Grandpa Kurt (Mel Gibson), Dusty’s ex-astronaut, womanizing father. Kurt tells Dusty that he’s coming for Christmas and is coming into the airport in the morning. Brad tells Dusty that his parents are also supposed to be coming for the holiday.

At the airport the next day, Dusty tells Brad that his father is going to make fun of them since he won’t understand their co-dad arrangement. When Kurt arrives, he mistakes Brad for a chauffeur. When Dusty explains that Brad is the stepdad to his children, Kurt doesn’t like it. Brad’s overbearing and over-cheerful dad, Don (John Lithgow) arrives next and proceeds to hug and kiss Brad on the lips, showing that they have a loving, but very unusual father/son relationship. This further unnerves Kurt. Don tells Brad that his mother didn’t come along, because she wasn’t feeling well.

Back at the house, Megan and Dylan warmly embrace Don, since he is very present in their lives, while Kurt hasn’t seen the children since they were toddlers. After seeing Brad and Dusty trying to figure out where to spend Christmas Day at, since they are purposing opening presents at Brad’s house and eating Christmas dinner at Dusty’s house, Kurt rents a large cabin through Airbnb, to house all of them through the holiday week.

As Brad and Dusty pack the bags into the car, Dusty tells Brad that Kurt thinks the two men are harboring bad feelings for each other, but are just hiding it from everyone by pretending to be friends. When Kurt comes up, they change the subject. Seeing Dusty trying to get all of the suitcases into the trunk, Kurt tells Dusty that he’s not going to be able to. Dusty tells Kurt that he is going to be able to. When Kurt walks away, Dusty does end up having trouble with getting all the bags in the car. To counter this, he takes one suitcase and throws it over a hedge, making room. At the cabin, Brad asks if anyone has seen his suitcase.

Throughout the week, Brad and Dusty’s co-dad relationship is put to the test by Kurt’s meddling. Meanwhile, Dusty tries to get close to his stepdaughter, Adrianna, but she doesn’t like him and repeatedly tells him that he isn’t her father. Sara also tries to bond with Karen but is taken aback by some of Karen’s actions, like shoplifting clothes from a store.

Dylan also develops a crush on a little girl staying in the cabin next door. He gets made fun of it by Megan and Adrianna. Later, Dylan approaches Brad for advice on how to deal with girls. Brad tells Dylan that it would be better for Dylan to be that guy that his crush tells all her secrets to and that he should strive to be in the friend zone. Dusty and Kurt overhear this, and Dusty intervenes with his brand of advice. Dylan runs away, saying he would rather be in the friend zone with her.

Daddy’s Home 2 is a 2017 American Christmas comedy film directed by Sean Anders and written by Anders and John Morris. A sequel to Daddy’s Home (2015), it stars Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Linda Cardellini, John Cena, John Lithgow and Mel Gibson. Unlike its predecessor, Red Granite Pictures was not involved in the film’s production. The plot follows now reformed-fathers Brad and Dusty (Ferrell and Wahlberg), now co-parenting Dusty’s kids, who have to deal with their own fathers (Lithgow and Gibson) visiting for the holidays.

Principal photography on the film began in Massachusetts in March 2017 and it was released in the United States by Paramount Pictures on November 10, 2017. Although the film received unfavorable reviews, it has grossed over $180 million worldwide on a $69 million budget.

Daddy's Hame 2 Movie Poster (2017)

Daddy’s Hame 2 (2017)

Directed by: Sean Anders
Starring: Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson, John Lithgow, Linda Cardellini, Alessandra Ambrosio, Owen Vaccaro, Scarlett Estevez, Didi Costine, Daphne Wise, Andrea Anders, John Cena
Screenplay by: Sean Anders, John Morris
Production Design by: Clayton Hartley
Cinematography by: Julio Macat
Film Editing by: Brad Wilhite
Costume Design by: Carol Ramsey
Set Decoration by: Debbie Cutler
Art Direction by: Rachel Block
Music by: Michael Andrews
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for suggestive material and some language.
Distributed by: Paramount Pictures
Release Date: November 10, 2017