Shampoo (1975)

Shampoo (1975)

Taglines: Your hairdresser does it better…

Thirty-something George Roundy is a Beverly Hills hairdresser, who spends as much time sleeping with his female clients as he does doing their hair. Whether they want to admit it, all the women in his life are on the most part aware that they are are not the only one with whom he is sleeping. And some, such as the wealthy and married Felicia Karpf, have a stronger emotional dependence on George than they would like to admit. George’s current girlfriend is Jill, an up and coming actress.

Jill’s best friend is Jackie Shawn, one of George’s old girlfriends who left him because he couldn’t make a true commitment to her. In turn, Jackie is currently having an affair with Lester Karpf, Felicia’s wealthy businessman husband. George is unhappy working at a salon owned by Norman, with whom he is constantly butting heads. In his first act of wanting finally to be a grown up, George wants to open his own salon, but doesn’t have the financial resources to do it, and no bank will lend him money.

Shampoo Movie Poster (1975)

Shampoo (1975)

Directed by: Hal Ashby
Starring: Warren Beatty, Julie Christie, Goldie Hawn, Lee Grant, Jack Warden, George Furth, Luana Anders, Susanna Moore, Carrie Fisher
Screenplay by: Robert Towne, Warren Beatty
Production Design by: Richard Sylbert
Cinematography by: László Kovács
Film Editing by: Robert C. Jones
Costume Design by: Anthea Sylbert
Set Decoration by: George Gaines
Art Direction by: W. Stewart Campbell
Music by: Paul Simon
Distributed by: Columbia Pictures
Release Date: February 11, 1975

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