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Queen of Earth Movie

Catherine and Virginia are best friends. Last year, Virginia wasn’t doing well, while it’s Catherine who’s struggling this year. Virginia’s parents own a lakeside cabin, the perfect place for a week of mutual wound licking. Sun pours in through the windows, framing the cool green of the trees outside. But this isn’t the refuge it seems and it’s not just the music that awakens the menace in the images. The ripples across the lake and the wan sunlight offer little comfort, to say nothing of the picture of a skull lying forgotten in a cupboard.

Last year’s events keep crashing in upon the present, things weren’t good then and they aren’t better now. When the two women confide in one another, it’s like two separate monologues, the camera gliding between their strained faces as if they were one and the same. They otherwise stick to wry barbs, each criticizing the other’s privilege as they still cling on to their bond. As salad leaves wilt, men come and go, and tension gives way to hostility, what even remains of this friendship? Dark-ringed eyes alight with rage, a stream of quiet bile, one face cut into another, two true Queens of Earth.

Queen of Earth is an American psychological thriller film directed and written by Alex Ross Perry. The film stars Elisabeth Moss, Katherine Waterston and Patrick Fugit.

Filming was underway in New York City on September 17, 2014. The film had its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival on February 7, 2015. Shortly after, it was announced IFC Films had acquired distribution rights to the film. The film was released on August 26, 2015, in a limited release and through video on demand.

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Queen of Earth

Directed by: Alex Ross Perry
Starring: Elisabeth Moss, Patrick Fugit, Katherine Waterston, Kate Lyn Sheil, Mia Heiligenstein, Elisabeth Arndt, Katherine Fleming
Screenplay by: Alex Ross Perry
Production Design by: Anna Bak-Kvapil
Cinematography by: Sean Price Williams
Film Editing by: Robert Greene, Peter Levin
Costume Design by: Amanda Ford
Music by: Keegan DeWitt
MPAA Rating: None.
Studio: IFC Films
Release Date: August 28, 2015