Rachel McAdams Archive

Disobedience (2018)

Taglines: Love is an act of defiance. From a screenplay by Sebastián Lelio and Rebecca Lenkiewicz,

Game Night (2018)

Taglines: This is not a game. Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams star as Max and Annie,

Doctor Strange

Taglines: Open your mind. Change your reality. Marvel Studios are returning to the big screen with

The Little Prince

The mother of a prodigious young girl wants her daughter to enroll in the prestigious Werth

Every Thing Will Be Fine

While driving aimlessly after a quarrel with his girlfriend, a writer accidentally runs over and kills


Taglines: Believe in Hope. Billy Hope (Jake Gyllenhaal) is an undefeated professional boxer living in New


Taglines: Sometimes you have to say goodbye before you can say hello. Brian Gilcrest (Bradley Cooper)