The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave - Chloe Grace Moritz

Can we survive the 5th wave?

Four waves of increasingly deadly alien attacks have left most of Earth decimated. Against a backdrop of fear and distrust, Cassie Sullivan is on the run, desperately trying to save her younger brother Sammy. As she prepares for the fifth wave, Cassie teams up with a young man named Evan, who may become her final hope – if she can only trust him.

The 5th Wave is an American science fiction thriller film, directed by J Blakeson, with a screenplay by Susannah Grant, Akiva Goldsman, and Jeff Pinkner, based on the novel of the same name by Rick Yancey. The film stars Chloë Grace Moretz, Nick Robinson, Ron Livingston, Maggie Siff, Alex Roe, Maria Bello, Maika Monroe, and Liev Schreiber.

Development began in March 2012, when Columbia Pictures picked up the film rights to the trilogy, with Graham King’s production company GK Films and Tobey Maguire’s Material Pictures. Filming took place in Atlanta, Georgia from October 2014 to January 2015. The 5th Wave was released theatrically on January 22, 2016.

The 5th Wave Movie

About the Story

The opening scene starts with Cassie, armed with a M16 , in the woods. She emerges and sees a mini store. Upon entering, she hears a male voice calling for help. She follows the voice and enters a room, to find a man pointing a gun at her. She tells him to put his weapon down, and he does so. After this, he in return tells her to drop her weapon. She is wary, because she sees his right hand in his jacket. She demands his right hand to be exposed. As he takes out his hand, Cassie sees a glint of metal, and shoots him to death, in fear that it is a gun. A crucifix on a chain turns out to be what he was holding. Cassie gasps in shock of what she had done before the screen cuts to black.

Cassie gets separated from her five year old brother, Sam. Her brother is taken by the Army for care and protection. Her father and other survivors in Ohio are killed in a massacre by the army. Cassie scavenges her way toward the base to find her brother. She is saved from an enemy sniper by Evan Walker. Cassie falls in love with him but later learns he is an Other in humanoid form. She also learns that Colonel Vosch and the Army are actually the Others and the fifth wave they have planned is to use children to eliminate the rest of the earth’s survivors by misleading them.

She learns the hard way to trust no one and leaves him. The only thing that keeps her going is the hope that she can save her brother from the “training” camp established by the Army (Others). Meanwhile Ben Parish, Cassie’s crush before the wave and her brother are in the same squad trained under the Others. Ben also comes to learn the Others plans. Evan who follows Cassie helps her and Ben to save Sam and demolish the training facility. The Others evacuate from the facility with the intent to deploy the children as soon as possible to other cities. Ben and his squad is seen enjoying their meal with Cassie and ponders hope as humanity’s driving force for survival.

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The 5th Wave

Directed by: J Blakeson
Starring: Chloë Grace Moretz, Maika Monroe, Liev Schreiber, Nick Robinson, Maria Bello, Maggie Siff, McKaley Miller
Screenplay by: Susannah Grant, Akiva Goldsman
Production Design by: Jon Billington
Cinematography by: Enrique Chediak
Film Editing by: Paul Rubell
Costume Design by: Sharen Davis
Set Decoration by: Frank Galline
Music by: Henry Jackman
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for violence and destruction, some sci-fi thematic elements, language and brief teen partying.
Studio: Columbia Pictures
Release Date: January 22, 2016