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Taglines: What could go wrong?

Rusty Griswold (Ed Helms) is now a disenchanted adult working as a pilot for a low budget airline called Econo-Air, and he shares a very estranged relationship with his wife, Debbie (Christina Applegate), and their two sons, the shy and awkward older teenager, James (Skyler Gisondo), and the cruel and obnoxious younger kid, Kevin (Steele Stebbins).

The gloating from his friends, Jack (Keegan-Michael Key) and Nancy Peterson (Regina Hall), about a family trip they had in Paris doesn’t help his situation. He desires to relive the fun of his family vacations from his childhood (such as their trip to Vegas, Europe, Walley World, and even staying home for Christmas). These memories prompt him to nix his family’s annual trip to their cabin in Cheboygan, Michigan and instead drive cross country to Walley World, just like he did years before with his parents and sister.

Along the way, the Griswolds make many stops. The first is Memphis, where it’s revealed that the otherwise laid-back Debbie was an extremely promiscuous woman in college called Debbie Do Anything. While staying at a motel, James meets Adena (Catherine Missal), a girl his age that he saw while driving on the highway, but is scared away by Rusty trying to entice her towards him in a very creepy awkward way.

In Arkansas, they are led to a supposedly hidden spring by a drifter, but when they realize that it’s a sewage dump, they return to their rental car only to see it broken into, their luggage and cash stolen and graffitied on. They’re then forced to stop in Texas to receive assistance from Rusty’s sister, Audrey (Leslie Mann), and her husband, Stone Crandall (Chris Hemsworth). Rusty begins to suspect tension in his relationship with Debbie due to Stone’s obviously outward sexual behavior and actions, but she dispels his suspicions. Stone walks in on the couple and makes a show of his attractive body.

Vacation is an American comedy film directed and written by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (in their directorial debuts). The film stars Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Leslie Mann and Chris Hemsworth. It is the fifth theatrical installment of the National Lampoon’s Vacation series, and is scheduled to be released by Warner Bros. on July 29, 2015.

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Directed by: John Francis Daley, Jonathan M. Goldstein
Starring: Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Leslie Mann, Chris Hemsworth, Beverly D’Angelo, Chevy Chase, Elizabeth Gillies, Kaitlin Olson, Michael Pena, Charlie Day
Screenplay by: John Francis Daley, Jonathan M. Goldstein
Production Design by: Barry Robison
Cinematography by: Barry Peterson
Film Editing by: Jamie Gross
Costume Design by: Debra McGuire
Art Direction by: Jeremy Woolsey
Music by: Mark Mothersbaugh
MPAA Rating: R for crude and sexual content and language throughout, and brief graphic nudity.
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures
Release Date: July 29, 2015