Christine Movie

The story of Christine Chubbuck, a 1970s TV reporter struggling with depression and professional frustrations as she tries to advance her career. The film takes place in the last days of Christine Chubbuck’s life as she struggles against depression and eventually commits suicide on air.

Christine is ah American-British biographical drama film directed by Antonio Campos and written by Craig Shilowich. It stars actress Rebecca Hall as 1970s news reporter Christine Chubbuck who committed suicide on live television.

The film, which premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival,[3] was released in the United States on October 14, 2016, by The Orchard, and is scheduled to be released in the United Kingdom on January 27, 2017, by Curzon Artificial Eye.

Christine Movie

About the Film

Craig Shilowich says he came up with the idea for “Christine” after coming across articles online which highlighted the most shocking moments in television history. He was instantly fascinated with Chubbuck’s story and what drove her to suicide on television. Shilowich endured his own unexplainable struggles with depression while at New York University in the wake of 9/11. He eventually dropped out of school.

“I’d spend days on end walking my room, peeing out of the window, just to not have to deal with anybody,” he told The Canadian Press in an interview. The depression lasted for about seven years and he says it went away the same way it came, with little explanation.

He saw his story in Chubbuck’s pre-suicide struggle and found himself “trying to piece it together” in a screenplay. He interviewed some of her former newsroom colleagues and read various news stories to build what he could with hard facts. The rest was imagined.

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Directed by: Antonio Campos
Starring: Rebecca Hall, Michael C. Hall, Tracy Letts, Maria Dizzia, Timothy Simons, Kim Shaw, Kimberley Drummond, Susan Pourfar, John Cullum, Rachel Hendrix
Screenplay by: Craig Shilowich
Production Design by: Scott Kuzio
Cinematography by: Joe Anderson
Film Editing by: Sofía Subercaseaux
Costume Design by: Emma Potter
Set Decoration by: Jess Royal
Art Direction by: Molly Bailey
Music by: Danny Bensi, Saunder Jurriaans
MPAA Rating: R for a scene of disturbing violence and for language including some sexual references.
Studio: The Orchard
Release Date: October 14, 2016

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