Rough Night – Ğirls’ Night Out

Rough Night - Ğirls' Night Out

Taglines: The best nights never go as planned.

In 2006, four friends, Jess (Scarlett Johansson), Alice (Jillian Bell), Frankie (Ilana Glazer) and Blair (Zoë Kravitz), bond during their first year of college at George Washington University. A decade later they reunite as Jess is about to get married to her fiancé Peter (Paul W. Downs), and Alice decides that the four should spend the weekend in Miami partying.

By this point, Alice is a teacher, Frankie is an aspiring activist with two strikes on her record, Blair is a real estate agent in the middle of a bitter divorce who still has conflicting feelings over her past relationship with Frankie, and Jess is an aspiring senatorial candidate whose campaign is hampered by the fact that the general public do not find her relatable despite her policies focusing on helping others.

Once in Miami, the four are joined by Pippa (Kate McKinnon), Jess’s friend from her semester in Australia. The friends get high and party at a club and then Frankie decides to hire a male stripper, Jay (Ryan Cooper). When Jay arrives at the door, he makes Jess uncomfortable with his rough talk. Alice decides to take a turn and jumps on him, causing them to both fall and Jay to hit his head on the edge of the fireplace, killing him.

Rough Night - Ğirls' Night Out

Before they decide what to do, Jess takes a call from Peter and mentions during her panic that her friends hired a stripper and she is confused, before Alice destroys her phone and Blair confiscates the others to prevent anyone making calls until they can determine their next move. Peter takes this to mean that Jess is leaving him and decides to race down to Miami to convince Jess to take him back.

The friends purchase a burner phone and call Blair’s uncle (Peter Francis James), who is a lawyer. After telling him they moved the body, he tells them that, while they may have gotten away with accidental death if they had made the call immediately, they could face up to fifteen years in prison for tampering with the crime scene unless no body is found.

The friends decide to dispose of the body by throwing it into the ocean. After doing so, they realize that their neighbors, Lea (Demi Moore) and Pietro (Ty Burrell), have a security camera that may have caught them. They send Blair to get the tape, as the pair had previously expressed interest in a ménage à trois with Blair, only to have her discover the cameras do not work after she has slept with them. By this point, the body has washed up on the shore and they must come up with a new plan to dispose of it.

Rough Night - Ğirls' Night Out

A police officer, Scotty (Colton Haynes), knocks on their door and Frankie knocks him out after he gropes her, only for the friends to realize that he was the actual stripper they had ordered, leaving them to wonder who they killed. They use Scotty’s car to try to dispose of the body again only to return home defeated after a car accident when the car goes over a speed bump too quickly. Then when Alice finds out Jess invited Frankie and Blair to a bridal shower over her, Jess verbally berates her for her obsessive clinginess and storms off to prepare for the consequences.

At this point, Detectives Frazier (Dean Winters) and Ruiz (Enrique Murciano) arrive and tell the women they are not in trouble, as the man they killed was a violent criminal who had been on the run from the police. As they interrogate the women, Pippa realizes that the detectives are actually the accomplices of the man they killed when she spots the TV displaying all three men as suspects in a jewelry robbery.

Realizing that they are caught, Frazier and Ruiz tie the women and Scotty up and threaten to shoot them. Jess meanwhile has missed most of the drama due to being upstairs taking a shower in preparation for her mugshot. Realizing what has happened, she manages to subdue Frazier using hairspray and handcuffs when he comes up to search for the diamonds, and kills Ruiz as he prepares to kill Blair. Frazier returns, having freed himself from the toy handcuffs, only to be run over when Peter, high on the drugs he took to keep him awake on his roadtrip to Miami, crashes into the front of the house and kills him.

Rough Night - Ğirls' Night Out

Rough Night (released in some countries as Girls’ Night Out is a 2017 American comedy film directed by Lucia Aniello (in her feature debut) and written by Aniello and Paul W. Downs. It stars Scarlett Johansson, Zoë Kravitz, Kate McKinnon, Jillian Bell, Ilana Glazer, Paul W. Downs, Ty Burrell, and Demi Moore, and follows a bachelorette party that goes wrong after a male stripper dies.

Rough Night grossed $22.1 million in the United States and Canada and $25.2 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $47.3 million, against a production budget of $20 million. In North America, the film was released alongside All Eyez on Me, 47 Meters Down and Cars 3, and was initially projected to gross $10–14 million from 3,162 theaters in its opening weekend. However, after making just $3.4 million on its first day (including $700,000 from Thursday night previews ), weekend projections were readjusted to $9 million. It ended up debuting to $8 million, finishing 7th at the box office. In its second weekend the film grossed $4.7 million (a drop of just 40%), finishing 8th at the box office.

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Rough Night - Ğirls' Night Out Movie Poster

Rough Night – Ğirls’ Night Out

Directed by: Lucia Aniello
Starring: Scarlett Johansson, Jillian Bell, Kate McKinnon, Zoë Kravitz, Ilana Glazer, Paul W. Downs, Demi Moore, Ryan Cooper, Enrique Murciano, Colton Haynes, Dean Winters
Screenplay by: Lucia Aniello, Paul W. Downs
Cinematography by: Sean Porter
Film Editing by: Craig Alpert
Costume Design by: Leah Katznelson
Set Decoration by: Carol Silverman
Art Direction by: Ryan Heck
Music by: Dominic Lewis
MPAA Rating: R for crude sexual content, language throughout, drug use and brief bloody images.
Distributed by: Columbia Pictures
Release Date: June 16, 2017